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Can anyone report on the HG wireless performance? My reported wireless connection speeds are OK mbs but the actual throughput either to another computer, or to web is dreadful. Never more than Mbs and very often much less, giving stutters in iplayer!. I have not experimented much with the router position or wireless setup but would like know if others are doing better. I've only tested mine briefly and will need to do some more. Problem is that my HG is upstairs and in this house downstairs is where my wife uses the laptop it is not good reception and we use the wireless AP downstairs connected by a powerline device.

I'll 'borrow' the laptop sometime and do some tests using the HG upstairs and see what it gets. When I tested mine it was in the middle of the TalkTalk network problem, so the rather poor performance I saw might have been caused by that. GigabitEthernet Kitizen Posts: I wonder what he will get next? I've just done a new test, my desktop gives me 7. So on the face of it for net connection the HG gives very close to the same speed on a wireless n capable laptop as the desktop does connected wired.

Would anybody we willing to sell a HG to me? I think I can probably afford one now but asbokid has run out. Quote from: arobertson on February 09,PM. Co-founder of the ELRepo Project. Please consider making a donation to support the running of this site. I have been playing more with the wireless function using my Sony Xperia phone, seems much faster when downloading updates for apps.

However I do seem to have a problem with the wireless and wonder if anyone else sees this - it is reconnecting that is a problem. I found that I had set the lease time rather low 12 minutes when I meant 12 hours and changed the lease time so I disconnected my phone but found that it would fail to get the IP address and gave up.

I had a similar issue with the laptop in that once disconnected it would not reconnect for some time, it almost looks like it has some timeout which prevents a reconnect for some time.

Is there a setting I'm missing perhaps? There are settings in the HG which I don't understand, so I'll need to experiment some more when I have the time. I have had a bit more luck with the wireless. It seems that it works much better if I put the router in almost any position except the most convenient one where I first put it. Also even though I live with almost no detectable other wireless signals it seems significantly more stable with a fixed channel e.

A good signal seems to always be the first priority with all wireless!! Some of my odd experiences may be due to using wireless n for the first time.


It seems to be faster with a good signal but but worse than wireless g when the signal is weak, not quite improved range. With a poorer signal I have the impression that band 20 and wmm off do better. Using other than auto on the MCS seems to need real understanding of things, the couple of values I tried based on wikipedia reading failed.

According to this, WMM is used to prioritise multimedia throughput. Having read up a bit more I believe that running in compatibility mode where b g and n devices are allowed may cause some problems.Please login or register.

Home Help Search Login Register. Pages: After using the workaround described above, all ports are seen as stealthed including The fix does work and the redirected port can be on a different subnet so that it can't be inadvertently used in the future. By the way, I can't get the FTP server to work with a usb stick. To be clear I mean the "ftp" advanced menu option and not the "usb" ftp download option under "usb". The ftp port 21 is open on the LAN but does not respond.

I've made a note for the next time that I have a 'play' with my HG Co-founder of the ELRepo Project. Please consider making a donation to support the running of this site. GigabitEthernet Kitizen Posts: Is everyone still happy with the HG? I don't really want to ask this question as it is for charity so please don't take it the wrong waybut was it worth the money you paid?

In my view, yes, it was a fair exchange, Alec. The inbuilt stand, the four LAN ports and firmware that hasn't been subjected to Beattie 's 'fiddling' is more than enough for me to rate it above the HG The slightly odd thing is how different they are: initially the HG connects at a significantly higher downstream speed than the HG, and the upstream SNR margin on a capped TT connection is 3 dB higher in the case of the HG Having said all that, I'm happy with both purchases, and will no doubt swap between them from time to time.

The Wireless side does however annoy me as it ought to be a benefit. However many routers and adapters seem to get lots of complaints which may be environment related so this may just be for me. Also sometimes very stubborn at getting a connection at all. Some adapters seem better than others: I have a mix of brands. The HG wireless seems fast but erratic with my mix of adapters and positions near radiators or other metal things.

Any advice would be welcome!!! The HG wireless seems fast but erratic, I would be happy if it was as good as the previous wireless G. Thanks for all the feedback! By way of on going feedback.We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. While Broadcom does not. A: Broadcom. Broadcom Corporation reserves the right to make changes to theinformation. Abstract: No abstract text available Text: Evaluation report prepared under contract with Broadcom Corporation Introduction Enterprises are movingby Broadcom allow servers to fully leverage the available 10GbE bandwidth, while reducing processor. Program. Broadcom 1 IEEE All rightsmeans without prior written authorization of Broadcom Corporation.

Documentation is provided as is. All rights reserved Broadcom Europe Ltd8. All rights reservedBroadcom Europe Ltd. Subscriberbetween markets, and between continents.

Broadcom 's WWRN and. All rights reserved Broadcom Europe Ltd. By implementing this solution, which has been developed jointly by VMware and Broadcomdata center architects and administrators can increase the number of virtualVMware vSphere 4.

Now with VMware vSphere 4. Broadcom 's leading market share in both the 1G and 10G network. Broadcom provides line card design expertise as an integral part of the design support activity. Software Development Environment Broadcom has created a.Thank you for the guide. It would be nice if you could make a backup of the original bootloader and send it to me. Somehow I lost the original bootloader.

What JTAG cable will you be using? I managed to flash the bootloader using openocd and a stm32 as the jtag adapter.

One strange thing I saw, was that the flash was at location 0xb The download link is in this post. I tried to restore the original Telekom Austria firmware an it doesn't boot it crashes with a kernel panic with that cfe, so i wanted to try it with a backupd cfe, but i don't find mine anymore.

I don't have the original CFE and I couldn't find it in any official firmware. Or is it possible to extract the original CFE from a firmware update file? Please read the comments policy before publishing your comment. It also has 2 USB 2. Neither LEDE Project has released a stable build for this device, but they are offering a development snapshot [3]. Part 2 details LEDE configuration and internet connection. If the mentioned device was offered to you by an ISP for xDSL internet access, doing what is described next will void the warranty of the device and make it unusable.

You should not attempt to change firmware in this situation. Third party firmware does not support xDSL!


Anonymous October 3, at PM. Cornelius October 3, at PM. Alenani December 7, at PM. Cornelius December 7, at PM. Anonymous February 27, at PM. Cornelius March 30, at AM. Cornelius March 30, at PM. Follow onetransistor OneTransistor onetransistor. Subscribe Don't forget to check your email and confirm subscription.Looking at other routers based on the BCM they appear to have larger heatsinks covering the whole chip, and often people seem to think this isn't enough.

And this one in Chinese run it through google translate. I wondered if this was effecting the stability on the DGND with its little half-heatsink so did this pretty simple mod to see if it made a difference. Leaving this note the crystal oscillators bottom left and top right of chip, which are proud of chip's top and hence limiting factors. This Radeon XSE was the most suitable size I had at hand and as the heatsink was stuck on with clips and paste, also easy to clean.

MID-DSLBCM xDSL and G.Fast Transformers for use with Broadcom chipsets

I did however have to trim one side off it to fit flush up against the miniPCI slot for the wireless card. Araldite epoxy thermal conductivity is 0. At least for me, it doesn't seem to have have made any difference - although it is on the floor and it is wintertime, so perhaps was not getting overly hot to begin with. From this experiment I can only assume it is probably not heat related, so could be hardware fault or software bug Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 4 Aprilat Privacy policy About richud.It is one of the most successful xDSL platforms due to the simplicity of migrating old platforms e.

BCM only uses 1 core. Spite there being SMP code for using two cores in the kernel see smp-bmips. Hardware random number generator. GPL supported. BCM63xx SoCs have cryptographic hardware accelerators.

The Cipher engine accelerates the IPSec protocol by using dedicated hardware blocks. The driver is available with GPL. The SPU drivers has been added since Linux kernel v4. Serial Peripheral Interface. By default only one or two more in newer SoCs Slave Selects are available. When having more than 32 GPIOs they are splitted between 2 gpiochips. The labels in the Linux kernel are:. Snippet kernel code example: a button press triggers an IRQ, printing something on the console. Tested on BCM, Openwrt Most of the others use cfe with a built-in LZMA decompressor.

Thomson routers have their own bootloader.

Install OpenWRT/LEDE on P.RG AV4202N router

There is released source code for RedBoot Inventel Liveboxand probably can be modified to work with other routers. Also there is some source code for uboot. It is thus paramount to always have at least some products available, that have OEM bootloaders that keep installing free software easy cf. And it could be interesting to port such bootloaders to devices, which happen to come with a restricted bootloader. Compare the available bootloader out there, their license, available code and feature sets.

Please also remember that available source code it NOT enough, it has to be under some license, that allow for modification and redistribution.

DGND3700 V1 BCM6368 CPU-Heatsink Mod

Currently only available for the RAM bootloader version. The CPU clock configuration is strapped from 5 pins on this interface. These 5 pins use pulldown resistors 4. The list of related devices: bcm63xxbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcm bcmbcmbcmbcm. User Tools Register Log In. Site Tools Search.This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United States and local country laws governing import, export, transfer and use.

Delivery of Cisco cryptographic products does not imply third-party authority to import, export, distribute or use encryption. Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for compliance with U.


By using this product you agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations. If you are unable to comply with U. A summary of U. The switch is setup correctly, and I ping the switch from the router whilst remotely connected to the router.

We use the same config on all the customer routers and switches and don't have a problem, except this one. I have configured all my customer sites the same way, obviously with different external IP and hostname. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

Did you mean:. The error below is what I get when I try and ssh from a router connected to a switch [Connection to xxx. Labels: Other Switching. I have this problem too. Philip D'Ath. You mention using SSH from a. You mention using SSH from a router. What are you trying to SSH into? What model router and what software version is it running?


I'm trying to ssh from a. Mark Malone. VIP Mentor. The switch is setup correctly. I have configured all my. The same firmware as the.


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