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custom triumph tank

Main Navigation. Let us know your color scheme, interests, make, model, color of bike and any points of interest you would like to see in your design.

Fuel Tanks And Accessories

We will then let you know if we can do the design given the informatin that you have provided. You will then purchase the customized tank protector, putting your design request in the design request field during checkout. We will then start the design process.

We will email you a detailed picture of the design. Here is where you will let us know if we produce it or you can make revisions and we will resend an emailed pic of the revised design. We will not actually produce the product until the proof has been approved.Today, the triple-cylinder Tiger is a common first adventure bike for many in Europe and it also makes a great platform for tinkerers of the off-road persuasion — Tigers are cheap and parts are plentiful.

The bike you see here is the work of Nomade Cycles, a Madrid-based custom garage with a history of creating slightly unusual machines.

Custom Paint on 2017 Triumph Bobber Motorcycle Tank by Buckwild

The model has a dry weight of kg lbsa DOHC 82bhp engine that produces 60 ft-lbs of torque and a 6-speed transmission. Rear suspension is provided by a monoshock with adjustable preload and rebound damping, and up front there are a pair of 43mm forks with twin discs at the hub. Once the team at Nomade Cycles rolled their Tiger into the workshop they began the teardown process, as with essentially all adventure touring motorcycles, there was a lot of plastic fairing to remove, along with windshields, panniers, fenders and the fuel tank.

Once they had it stripped they realised it was actually quite a handsome machine, so their mission from then on became to cover it up as little as possible as the rebuild progressed. A new much smaller tank was sourced from a Yamaha XS, a new halogen headlight was fitted and a chunky pair of Metzeler Karoo 3 tires were added. A new stainless steel exhaust was fitted along with new silencers, Rental handlebars and Biltwell grips.

A new seat pan was fabricated and upholstered in-house by Nomade Cycles, along with a leather tool bag on the left side and a small carry bag on the right.

Silodrome was founded by Ben back inin the years since the site has grown to become a world leader in the alternative and vintage motoring sector, with millions of readers around the world and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

This article and its contents are protected by copyright, and may only be republished with a credit and link back to Silodrome. The Hercules W was the first production motorcycle to be powered by a Wankel rotary engine, it showed the world that rotary-powered motorcycles were a possibility, a possibility that Norton would later develop into a….

Read More. Ever since he was a…. This is the official trailer for Oil In The Blood, a film about the people who make up modern custom motorcycle culture. Production for the film was underway for years, Gareth Maxwell Roberts travelled the….

The ABC Skootamota was the brainchild of engineering genius Granville Bradshaw, inventions like the Skootamota, the Motoped, the Kenilworth, and the Reynolds Runabout showed remarkable foresight, and they would evolve into the hugely popular motor…. This is the Trackmaster Miler prototype, it was developed by the team at Trackmaster to be the ultimate version of the modern Harley-Davidson-based street tracker. Far from being a Sportster with a few bolt….

Author Details Contact Me. Ben Branch. Thank you, your message has been sent successfully. Published by Ben Branch - May 14th German Motorcycles. Custom Motorcycles Films. British Motorcycles. Custom Motorcycles Electric Motorcycles Motorcycles. American Custom Motorcycles Motorcycles. Some of Silodrome's advertisers may use cookies. Accept Privacy Policy.Notify me when this product is available:.

Fuel or oil line hose clamps with a nut and bolt design zinc plated carbon steel finish comes in a set of 4 clamps. The Factory Metal WorksMini frisco mount sporty style gas tank if you want small and compact, this is your gas tank. It is the smallest, stylish gas tank on the The Factory Metal Worksfrisco mount sporty gas tank This classic Sportster gas tank has been set up with a low "Frisco" tunnel to maximize fuel capacity and sit high and It sits high and level with your frame backbone.

Gas cap not included. Made in the UK this stock replacement domed gas cap comes in a chrome finish cork gasket included fits British style filler necks and tanks in stock if ordering a Menu Cart.

Fuel Tanks And Accessories The first thing the masses will notice about a custom motorcycle is the gas tank. Make yours stand out from the crowd with one of our many styles including p nutmustang, alien, sportster, banana and axed tanks. We also offer petcocks, fuel line, weld in panels, clamps, gas caps, and many stock tanks and accessories for most makes and models from custom bobbers and choppers to street fighter and cafe racers we can help!

Add to Cart. Peanut Gas Tank 2. Small 1. BoxMt. Pleasant, NC thefactorymetalworks yahoo.This post was written by the team at Gasoline Motor Co. They say every cloud has a silver lining. The sensible decision was to invest the money in stocks or real estate, but Leanne — nicknamed Chalky, and her husband Bouncer, chose an entirely different direction.

With British roots and bloodline, the pair drew inspiration from the motorcycles of Brough Superior. Bouncer and Chalky wanted to capture the glory of the rogue lifestyle with a custom Rocket III — a motorcycle with the largest engine displacement on the market.

Enter Gasoline Motor Co. Having nothing to refer to, allowed for the build freedom every bike builder needs to push creativity. A major subframe reconstruction housed a Legend Air ride shock system and included a 2-inch rear hoop system. A triple clamp kept the original Rocket III OEM front end with some well needed steering stop tweaks to accomodate for a hefty new tank. The hand fabricated tank was an extended, widened and a low slung version using the original under carriage, finished in a raw steel and gloss black.

Gold feature lines accentuated the shape, with front and rear fenders which were english wheel-rolled and supported with custom struts. Up top, Berringer hand controls with switch blocks and metal handle grips by Motogadget made the perfect reins.

Beach bar style custom handlebars flowed with the lines of the tank and were internally wired to accomodate the MG motoscope mini. Suspension-wise — Two rear air ride Legend Air Shocks are operated by a cleverly positioned switch which was easily accessible under the tank. A custom smaller neat custom radiator was made to fit. Exuding magnificent movement and lightness, the system converts 3 into 1 for maximum performance.

Ceramic coated internally radiating less heat externally and allows for a better gas flow. The final touch was a thick weathered and distressed leather seat, crafted with an etched GMC logo — the colour choice taken from a vintage Brough Superior SS80 photograph. The end result was a stripped back and completely custom machine which was now kgs, with a 90kg engine.

The undulating lines of the motorcycle made Black Bess look fast, even when stationary. Mostly though, they just sat in silence and gazed at her from every angle. This reaction, is one of the reasons why Gasoline Motor Co. To envision a life better lived. Bouncer and Chalky are forever grateful to the boys at Gasoline Motor Co.

A special thanks to Rob Hamilton for the incredible photography. Thanks to Commune Sydney for the industrial location to shoot. Silodrome was founded by Ben back inin the years since the site has grown to become a world leader in the alternative and vintage motoring sector, with millions of readers around the world and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

This article and its contents are protected by copyright, and may only be republished with a credit and link back to Silodrome. The Ford Escort RS Cosworth is one of the most beloved British-Fords of its era, it was developed for rally, with the homologation requirements meaning that a road-going version was also offered to the general….

Read More.

Oil Tanks And Hardware

Before you get out the pitchforks and flaming torches let me put your minds at ease — no vintage Mongoose Californian BMX bikes were harmed in the production of the motorized bike you see before…. The company has a factory in Los Angeles that hand-builds production motorcycles in limited…. The Honda Motocompo is a foldable mini scooter designed to fit perfectly into the trunk of the Honda City compact car, the trunk of the City and the Motocompo were actually designed for each other….

The Harley-Davidson WLA was designed to be an exceptionally tough motorcycle for use in the Second World War that could ford a stream up to 16 inches deep, carry 40 lbs of equipment, run on….At Four Aces we can build you a complete, running custom motorcycle.

While specializing in Triumphs and other British makes, we also have plenty of experience with Harleys. Below are some examples of custom machines built at Four Aces recently. Jeff's You may remember Jeff as the owner of the Spiderwebbed bike below.

Triumph Motorcycle Models

Well Jeff could not get enough of motorcycles when he got his Triumph so he started hanging around and helping me out in the shop. He starts dreaming up another build and this WL project falls into our lap. Plus we wanted to show off our Vintage Harley prowess. Here is the result.

Number 14 started as a crusty broken down period custom from about and was completely rebuilt using restoration theory, that is break it down to its tiniest pieces and replate, repolish, repaint and reassemble perfectly. This bike is festooned with period perfect touches including the unobtainable Superior upswept pipes, the MCM finned bullet valve inspection caps, the super-rare Flanders risers and original Webco dual carb manifold for cc the iron head Triumph 5T.

This bike is a restored time capsule. I would love to do another one of these bikes, in a different style of course, so if you want a period perfect Triumph Custom, please email me to discuss prices and time schedules. Long time friend and customer Luis bought a crusty old pre-unit at a now defunct local swap meet and brought it in for some minor fixing up, but the more we dug into the bike, the more we discovered stuff that needed to be fixed or massaged. The bike had been a funky desert sled with some period chopper parts added later, but it became a neo-hot rod So.

Cal styled cruiser. The result of the minimal chrome is a stunning understatement. Wrap the custom made exhaust pipes with hot rod heat wrap and it is something old, and something new. We love our So.

Cal Style. Jeff came to the shop wanting a unit construction hardtailed bike and left with a great bike and a part-time job. Jeff did what is probably the best thing you can do when talking to your bike builder. I did Slimbo as a protest against all that is fat. I took the general idea of that bike and made something almost as slim, but with some more personality. Jeff is heavily tattooed and he has several choice spiderwebs so we went with a spiderweb theme on this tank, fender and oil bag.

The result is a slim, trim sleek bike with lots of personality. Check the pipe extensions out at www. So Cal Style. The Carlos and Carlos Bikes are, by now, pretty well known as the beginning of the So. Style Revolution.

These bikes have won trophies at local shows, appeared in the national and region motorcycle press and turned heads all over the streets of Los Angeles. At Four Aces, we are not saying we were the first guys to build this style of bike, but I like to think that we have gone a long way toward popularizing this variety of custom.

They are the epitome of what I consider the best way to build a bike.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Transform your bike's looks and performance with our great range of Triumph Bonneville Accessories! We also stock parts for the Triumph Water Cooled Models. One of the appeals of the Triumph Bonneville is that it is easy to customise. Being able to change the cosmetic look of your bike is something which is becoming increasingly popular.

We are carry a great range for you to do just that, from our custom Triumph Bonneville Seatsto alloy or stainless fenders. As well as larger custom parts, we also stock a range of Triumph Bonneville Accessories. From little time saving extras like seat bolts, to embellishments like polished side panels.

If you can't find it, just ask! The Triumph Bonneville, often referred to as the New Bonneville, made by the Hinckley based company owned by John Bloor, started production in and continued until The Bonneville is a great bike to customise and we stock a wide range of Bonneville accessories and aftermarket parts.

custom triumph tank

With our range of parts you can completely alter the look and performance of the stock bike. There are also some common complaints about the stock bike such as seat comfort which we can help with!

Common complaints from Triumph Bonneville owners are usually comfort and sound related. Therefore the popular aftermarket Bonneville Parts which are most in demand are seats and exhaust systems and can transform the bike! There are numerous ways of increasing the power of your Bonneville.

From new exhaust systems, air intake modifications, big bore kits, remaps and much more. The introduction of the water cooled models in brought lots of changes and it is in fact a totally different motorcycle. However, there are some parts which cross over between the versions.

Always check with the parts supplier first though! Triumph Bonneville Accessories As well as larger custom parts, we also stock a range of Triumph Bonneville Accessories. Triumph Bonneville History The Triumph Bonneville, often referred to as the New Bonneville, made by the Hinckley based company owned by John Bloor, started production in and continued until What are the most popular Triumph Bonneville aftermarket parts? How can I increase the power of my Triumph Bonneville?

Check out our range of Triumph Bonneville Accessories below. Show 12 24 36 All per page.The Main Color of each of the graphic designs refers to the color associated bulk of the graphics which appears in the design images as light grey.

custom triumph tank

Simply choose the color you want from the list, and we will produce the graphic in that color, along with the other option you select. We have a large library of logos and graphics, and a font library with over 10, fonts. You can customize Design Styles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 in one or more places with your own custom text, your own custom logo, an image you have seen somewhere, or ask about one from our extensive library.

As well as custom alternate color combinations, text and logo options for these Motorcycle Gas Tank graphics. You can also mix elements of several designs to create your own new design!

Please contact us with your ideas, requests, and questions. We offer the same premium factory quality customized vinyl at the best prices possible, in a vast range of colors and color combinations!

All Vinyl Imagination Graphics, Stripe, and Decal kits are designed with the following key features in mind. Every Vinyl Imagination Vinyl Graphic, Stripe, and Decal Kit is professionally designed, test fitted multiple times, to ensure a perfect fit before we make a final product available for sale on our website.

We guarantee a perfect graphic made to your specifications every time! We currently have 3M, Arlon, Avery, and Orafol colors and materials to choose from at Vinyl Imagination, we feel that we offer the largest choice of premium cast vinyl colors and materials in the industry right here on our website. All of the material series numbers, color names, and color codes listed on our website are the same as those listed by the respective manufacturer.

This means that should you need to match this color and material at a later date, you will be able to do so without any problem or confusion regardless of where you order it. This is contrary to a lot of companies that apply their own names, codes etc to the colors listed on their sites which does cause future matching problems. At Vinyl Imagination we believe that choice and customization are the key to making your Motorcycle Graphics look uniquely yours! For that reason we do not charge for design services, we only charge for the actual product we produce for you!

After all not everyone wants their vehicle to look like everyone else's! When placing your order, you can choose to receive a design proof before we produce and ship your order.

This is to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you ordered before we make it. If you like the OEM look, you have come to the right place! Not only do we design unique, custom designed stripes to your specifications, we also believe in expanding on the OEM look of those motorcycle graphics.

We vastly expand the graphics, stripes, and decals that motorcycle manufacturers only make available in a limited range of colors and designs. We use our wide range of colors, materials and design styles, while at the same time allowing customization to your unique specifications.

We do not, and will not offer, supply or use any unbranded, economy or calendered vinyl films. Lower grade films are often used by our competitors, and can frequently be found on sites like eBay! Please beware if a company will not supply the actual brand, film series, and correct color code. This should give you pause, as usually there is no need to withhold this information. If a company renames the color or changes the color code you should ask yourself why they are doing this!

They are all Cast films designed for automotive cut graphics use. We will not supply anything less! Please be aware you will see similar lower quality, cheaper graphics elsewhere like eBay. These are all Calendered lower grade vinyl films that you will not find on our site, and will not meet the same standards that we have!

Custom triumph tank

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