By Jordi Lippe-McGraw. October 30, pm Updated October 31, am. Halloween is the time of year where you pay to get scared at a haunted house. But actually living in a real one is another story. In fact, people are more likely to purchase a house where pornography had been filmed than one that is reportedly haunted, according to a study from Clever Real Estate.

On the other hand, the poll also found that millennials were 13 times more likely to buy a haunted house, and many would even pay a premium for one. The notoriously savings-strapped generation is willing to put up with a murder house or ghostly encounters to become homeowners.

Millennials — and other lovers of the spooky and surreal — are in luck. Here are seven scary properties in New York state that are for sale right now.

Typewriter entrepreneur William Wyckoff built his dream summer house in on an island in the St. Lawrence River near the Canadian border. After the double tragedy, the family lost its fortune. The home, known as the Carleton Island Villa, was abandoned byleaving it the shell it is today. General wisdom is that the family still roams the grounds.

This 4,square-foot house perched on the Hudson River has five bedrooms, stained glass windows and a saltwater pool. One-time owner Helen Ackley famously said she experienced inexplicable bed shaking and doors slamming during her 20 years in residence. Subsequent residents like screenwriter Adam Brooks and singer Ingrid Michaelson, as well as current seller Jewish rapper Matisyahu, never reported supernatural sightings.

The fixer-upper near Saugerties in the Catskills, built inis a bargain — considering the buyer gets two outbuildings and an apartment with a private entry that could be rented out. In total, there are seven bedrooms over 4, square feet. Originally called The Parsonage, the rundown property is said to host 19th-century spirits.

Now the Victorian features six bedrooms, five gas fireplaces, numerous chandeliers, impressive woodwork, a library and a 3,square-foot ballroom. During the renovations, house staffers — like caretaker Cora Goyette — and even McMurtrie himself reported sightings of ghostly children and a woman wearing white holding a parasol or lying in bed. Workers and residents have reported post-mortem sightings of the Beatles frontman, as well as a little girl in 19th-century garb and a bizarre adult apparition with the facial features of a little boy.

Built in the s, this Brooklyn mansion was home to a captain named Edward F. Smith whose family experienced a strange haunting. The New York Times reported in that he heard the doorbell ring, but found no one there.

haunted mansion for sale

Two back doors were kicked in and rattled so much that Smith asked police to keep watch overnight. While they were on duty, a brick crashed through the dining room — with no perpetrator in sight.

Some lucky buyer will get a five-bedroom townhouse complete with private garden. Read Next. Nation's largest women- and minority-owned financial firms This story has been shared 6, times.

This story has been shared 2, times. This story has been shared times. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? Not Now Yes Please. The dilapidated Carleton Island Villa, located on an island in the St. Lawrence River, is rumored to be haunted by typewriter magnate William Wyckoff and his family, who suffered tragic, untimely deaths.Lauren Nowacki November 05, Do you ever watch a scary movie about a haunted house and wonder if you could live there?

Could you deal with the sound of phantom footsteps and slamming doors in the middle of the night? Could you handle staring into the eyes of a ghostly apparition or having to dodge objects flying off the shelves? There are several reasons someone may end up living in a haunted house. Perhaps they live near a cemeteryhave inherited the home or purchased the property without knowing its history. Or maybe they bought the home specifically because it was haunted.

haunted mansion for sale

So why are these houses — or any other homes, for that matter — haunted? While those reasons may seem wholesome enough, spirits may stay in a home for reasons that are far more disturbing.

7 Real-Life Haunted Houses for Sale

Located on a tree-lined, dead-end street in Nyack, New York, 1 Laveta Place is as famous as its past celebrity owners — including director Adam Brooks, singer Ingrid Michaelson and rapper Matisyahu. The home gained notoriety when the New York Supreme Court declared it legally haunted in The ruling was the result of the Stambovsky v. Ackley case in which home buyer Jeffrey Stambovsky sued seller Helen Ackley over not disclosing the haunting prior to the sale and fought to rescind his offer.

Before selling the home, Helen and her family had reported multiple incidents of poltergeists from the Revolutionary War shaking the beds, slamming doors and leaving gifts. Possible paranormal phenomenon aside, the Queen Anne Victorian also boasts arched doorways, stained glass, an in-ground saltwater pool and views of the Hudson River from almost every room.

To see all the home has to offer, schedule your walkthrough with our agents today. Panola Hall was originally built for Henry Trippe inbut its most popular resident is simply known as Sylvia. Said to be a young, beautiful, shy spirit, Sylvia typically appears on the stairwell with a rose in her hair and wearing a white, hoop-skirt dress.

Her presence also brings about a strong smell of roses. The beautiful Antebellum home is decorated with heart pine floors, foot ceilings, a second-floor balcony and a secret tunnel.You know the one: A mysterious, unfortunate event happened there decades or centuries ago, and now the place is haunted. But eventually, those spooky abodes go up for sale. The stately staircases that connect the 42 rooms of this Tudor-style megamansion provoke an M.

Escher—like sense of unease. However, the opulent interior and prime location nestled in view of snowy mountains just might obliterate any stigma, real or imagined. If the rumors are true, this circas estate comes with plenty of spiritual inhabitants. Nowadays, The Pillars is a bed-and-breakfast, and its hosts ask guests to sign a waiver promising not to ghost-hunt or disturb the spirits within.

But the 13,square-foot home has plenty of space to host visitors and specters. Oh, and all that Victorian furniture is included with the sale. Few listings proudly proclaim that several people have died on the premises — but this is no ordinary home.

The most unusual features, however, are the 2-foot-thick cement walls that no doubt laugh in the face of Wi-Fi and cellphone signals. For those who prefer to connect with generations past through historical artifacts, the circa home comes complete with antique furniture. And lots of creepy dolls. But at 35, square feet on The castle was custom-built by the great-grandson of a 19th-century steel baron. With spires, turrets, and towers dotting the roofline of the stone-and-concrete chateau, Count Dracula would probably feel right at home within these walls.

River Blvd. Modeled after a Richardsonian Romanesque Scottish castle, this dramatic stone edifice could inspire a Gothic horror story. Parts of the home are even older than the construction date, such as the year-old staircase that was imported from London, or the incredible year-old Grecian fireplace. Such relics often come with their own psychic baggage, so to speak. Channel the spirit s and style of in this historic home, which carries a very down-to-earth price tag.

The handsome mantels, graceful windows, and claw-foot tubs could be Instagram-worthy with the right design choices. This pricey property is located off a nondescript, gated private drive through a forest landscape that comes off as either majestic or sinister, depending on the time of day.

In the moonlight, we can only imagine how the person-sized hearth, sloped-ceiling bedrooms, and sheer remoteness of the locale could spur the imagination.

That is, until the scenery starts reminding you of The Blair Witch Project. Monroe St. A church is traditionally a place of peace and reflection — until the effects of time usher in an oh-so-creepy atmosphere.

Such as a Friday-night-dance-ready basement, stained-glass windows, and, um, an intact church sanctuary, complete with pews and an organ. Group Created with Sketch. Back to Trulia's Blog. Forest Service RoadPayson, AZ This pricey property is located off a nondescript, gated private drive through a forest landscape that comes off as either majestic or sinister, depending on the time of day.

Share facebook Created with Sketch. Email Created with Sketch. Search homes and neighborhoods, anytime and anywhere.Not for sale. This is the third in our Halloween series of ghostly houses. This haunted house tale might interest you — The Curse of the Lemp Mansion.

As a rags-to-riches story, the Lemp family tale is like none other.

haunted mansion for sale

Johann Adam Lemp left his home in Germany and emigrated to St. Louis in ….

10 Spookiest Haunted Houses For Sale

Rounding a curve on a winding, residential street, a red brick structure looms over the landscape. Set behind long lengths of chainlink fence, one gets a sense of…. With the slew of comments OHU50K receives about orbs and mysterious shadows in our featured photos, it seems some readers are fascinated with haunted houses. With Halloween coming up this week, here is a haunted….

In celebration of Halloween, this month we are featuring some…. In celebration of Halloween, this month…. This story is for them. Note: This home is not for sale.

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Conrad Aiken was born inthe eldest of four children born to wealthy parents Dr. William Ford Aiken. Here are a couple of haunted house stories that intrigue…. Talk about irony. Share this:. Read more.

Set behind long lengths of chainlink fence, one gets a sense of… Share this:. With Halloween coming up this week, here is a haunted… Share this:. In celebration of Halloween, this month we are featuring some… Share this:. In celebration of Halloween, this month… Share this:. The… Share this:. Here are a couple of haunted house stories that intrigue… Share this:.Track my home.

A car door slams loudly, even though it seems to be locked. Try real life. The Priestley House was built by Dr. Both he and his wife, Susandied in the home. The owner said he saw the figure of a woman standing near a doorway, and descendants of the Priestley family reported seeing her as well.

Other ghostly happenings include a piano playing on its own, "hot spots" in the room where Susan died, and candles falling out of their holders. Not cool. But a lovely home, no? Still with us? Yes, you read that correctly. Rumor has it the unlucky, headless clerk still wanders the grounds and the young woman weeps in an upstairs bedroom. Don't worry: They're friendly ghosts. OK, maybe this ghost is not so friendly after all. Twenty years later, Laura died of a heart attack.

The mansion underwent a renovation inand it's unclear if it's still haunted by its former owners. Wouldn't you like to find out for yourself? He died in Even Hodel's son, Stevebelieves his father murdered Short—by cutting her body in half—in this house. Sometime in the early s, Steve Hodel searched the basement with a cadaver dog and claimed the canine had picked up the scent of human decomposition. The case remains unsolved. The Pillars Estate, built in the s, is no stranger to poltergeists.

Feeling spooked? All rights reserved. For the best experience, please enable cookies when using our site. Go to your professional dashboard. Toggle navigation. Settings Sign Out. My Home Get quick and easy access to your home value, neighborhood activity and financial possibilites. Saved Homes Click the to save properties. Saved Searches Click Follow Search to get alerts on new listings.

Home Renting Tips Debunked! Find your dream home in. Click for complete coronavirus coverage from realtor.Track my home. It may come with some permanent houseguests. Known as Whispers Estatethe home has a history of paranormal activity.

The 3,square-foot, four-bedroom, 2. According to the website created by the homeowner, the structure was once part home, part business—as was the case with many homes in the s. A doctor had his practice downstairs and, over the years, some patients died, including children. The doctor himself died of pneumonia, in the first-floor master bedroom. Several TV shows, publications, and paranormal groups have investigated the home. There have been numerous reports of a child seen running through the house, the smell of baby powder in one of the rooms, children singing or crying, doorknobs jiggling, and doors popping open.

People who sleep in the room where the doctor died say they sometimes wake up to sounds of coughing and labored breathing. The current owner bought the home in after visiting it during a paranormal convention. He is selling it now because he is engaged and moving to Indianapolisabout two hours north of Mitchell.

8 Real Life Haunted Homes For Sale

We don't want to just have people [who say], 'let's go look at it, it'll be cool. The home sits on a quarter-acre. There is a formal entry, foot ceilings, a living room, dining room, stone basement, and unfinished space on the third floor. The furnishings include antiques. I think it's going to take somebody that loves this and appreciates the paranormal stuff, or if somebody just wants it to be their home. I mean, you couldn't build it for that.

All rights reserved. For the best experience, please enable cookies when using our site. Go to your professional dashboard. Toggle navigation.By Mary Boone on 23 Mar The dollars and cents that go into moving vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Now you can see for yourself. When Jim Williams, a local restoration expert, transplanted this home to its current location on St. Julian Street, workers reported odd noises and a tall man dressed in black glaring through a bedroom window.

At least five inhabitants died in or near the home, according to mcraventourhome. John H. Bobb, who is credited with building the last section of the house, is said to have died violently at the hands of Federal soldiers outside McRaven. Inall eyes were on the Dakota, the Manhattan co-op where John Lennon was murdered. The listing description hints at the possibility of the Victorian being haunted, but it might also just be old.

Yes, they are, but there are also a few facts that were added in from his research. Finney really believed that the building was used for such experiments. What better place could you have such experiments, that would include a lot of privacy. John Lennon moved there purposely, due to the privacy he knew he would have with his family. The Aunt lived in St. It was a distant relationship at best.

The house WAS in Mt. It has since been torn down go figure and is a park now. I was a county police officer in that area for 15 years PG County. The St. The real exorcist house is in St.

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Haunted mansion for sale

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