Monday, Dec. One man died from his injuries. The shooting was reported around 10 p. NOPD said three men and two women were shot. One man later died at the hospital, and another was listed in critical condition Sunday night. The two women were in stable condition Sunday night, but authorities did not release any details about the severity of their injuries.

The Rev. Bill Terry, the pastor of St. For the second straight year, the number of murders recorded in New Orleans fell dramatically inbringing unlawful killings to their lowest level in nearly five decades. For the third straight year, the number of homicides recorded in New Orleans fell dramatically inbringing unlawful killings to their lowest level in nearly five decades.

According to unofficial statistics, tracked with the help of crime analyst Jeff Asher and local database builder Alexa Surinck, the city had seen murders in when the year ended at midnight Tuesday, down from the previous year. That was a drop of nearly 20 percent; it was the smallest tally of slayings since the recorded in Despite a bloody Christmas holiday, New Orleans in registered its lowest number of murders in nearly half a century, and other key gun vi….

The unofficial count leaves the city with a rate of about 30 murders perresidents — significantly lower than St. He also noted that homicides are not the only crime bedeviling the city. He acknowledged the frustration expressed by residents or visitors who have been affected over the past year by a surge in car break-ins, which have roughly doubled from There are other reasons to take the drop in homicides with a grain of salt.

Historically, Asher has argued that the number of shooting incidents may be a better barometer of violence than murders — in part because there are more of them, and whether a shooting becomes a homicide can depend on medical care, luck and other variables.

Over that four-year span, murders have fallen by about one-third. Before the Dec. That marked the fourth consecutive year with a drop in another key public safety category — and one where offenders typically select victims more randomly than for murders or other shootings. Ferguson, who was sworn in to succeed departing Superintendent Michael Harrison on Jan. Beat cop Shaun Ferguson was patrolling near the Fischer housing development after midnight in when he heard the words that still haunt hi….

The New Orleans Police Department could come into full compliance with its court-ordered reform plan as soon as the first quarter ofa f…. Williams added that numerous nonprofit groups and private supporters have done important work as well, connecting at-risk people with the types of educational options, employment opportunities and recreational programs that can keep them from turning to crime.

As examples, he pointed to Son of a Saint — in which local professionals provide mentorship to boys who have lost their fathers to violence or incarceration — and the Youth Empowerment Project, which provides educational and literacy services to out-of-school youth. How much of an impact the programs have had is still a matter for debate, however. The killings in New Orleans in came after the city recorded inin and in But Williams, a criminal defense attorney, contends that investments in such programs over the years have played an important role in the historic reductions since.

Asher, a City Council consultant, agrees that the approaches associated with the violence-reduction strategies have made a difference. On the other hand, the Rev. Bill Terry — the pastor of St. Note: This post was updated after it was first published to reflect a homicide reported the evening of Dec.

Email Ramon Antonio Vargas at rvargas theadvocate. Edit Article Add New Article. Toggle navigation. Close 1 of 8. Buy Now. In New Orleans, a year low in killings -- and that's no accident, police chief says.Log in or Sign up. Toyota Tundra Forum. Welcome to Tundras. You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Wax Water Spots Rock Warrior wheel cleaning. Post Reply. Anyone who purchased a new Tundra after and it came with a factory sprayed-in bed liner should have received a bottle of Bed liner Conditioner in the console picture below.

This stuff is awesome at bringing back the renewed look of you bedliner, even after extensive use. The one problem I had was finding it at a Toyota dealer or even finding one that knows what it is.

I was able to order a bottle through a local dealership several years back, but the markup they put on it was stupid. Since then I did a lot of research and found the company that Toyota is contracted with to do the bed liners. I took a chance and reached out to them and low and behold they sell direct to the public. I put an order in yesterday for a couple of bottles and wanted to share this opportunity if someone else would be interested.

RitcheyRchJul 16, at AM. That photo shows a pretty dramatic difference, I might just spray it on a see how it looks. Squatting PigeonJul 16, at AM. I didn't receive anything like this when I took delivery in May.

I have also never heard of conditioner for a spray in bedliner, and my last truck Nissan Titan lasted 14 years and I never had any issues. What's the deal? BakershackJul 16, at AM. My 13 came with it. TundraJul 16, at AM.

I really like the stuff. It has kept by bedliner looking new. It sprays on sort of like a water based protectant, white thick liquid. JohnLakemanJul 16, at AM.

Kiosk m.poli / Brut Deluxe

I think it may be a Gulf States Toyota thing as well. I saw on their homepage website they also own LineX. I wonder if this conditioner treats LineX bed liners as well?

Last edited: Jul 16, at AM. Good to know. I wasn't aware they did the liners before I have gotten it on my paint in the process before. It will leave a film once dried that is very difficult, but not impossible to get off. I simply used a little bit of denatured alcohol on a microfiber towel and it cleaned off. LED interior lights. I've been using meguiars hyper dressing on mine. Im fairly anal about keeping my truck clean. About once every couple months I spray my bedliner with it.In recent years the National Office has started more ongoing partnerships with companies, particularly in the mechanical, electronic and graphic sector.

It is represented in every European countries by its own field representatives or distribution partners in order to be able to Electron s. AICA is the Italian company responsible for issuing Aluscuola Aluscuola is the association that for 20 years has promoted vocational training of young people guiding them towards the profession of aluminium door and window manufacturer.

The Association has two From the beginning, the company's development has been marked by a strong Microsoft School Agreement Microsoft School Agreement is a comprehensive, annually renewable licensing programme that meets the unique needs of primary and secondary schools. The contract provides for the possibility to rent at Schneider Electric As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions Siemens Siemens Financial Services, within the Siemens Group operates in the financial services with a network distributed in more than 30 countries, an international company that in Italy is identified DMG Italia s.

Gildemeister AG is a leading manufacturer of tools and machinery, focusing on turning and milling applications. Innovation, optimization of production, modern logistics and dynamism are the success The Piaggio Group is the largest European manufacturer of two-wheel motor vehicles and one of the world leaders in its sector.

The Group is also a major international player on the commercial vehicle Heidenhain Italiana was founded in Federmeccanica Federmeccanica, the Italian Federation of Metalworking Industries, was founded in to safeguard the interests of the Metalworking Industry in regards to work-related problems and in particular, De Lorenzo S.

ENI spa Eni is a major integrated energy company, committed to growth in the activities of finding, producing, transporting, transforming and marketing oil and gas. Official Website: www. The project aims to provide technical and vocational training to young people and at the same timeText description provided by the architects. The kiosk is designed to be used for temporary street markets or handicraft fairs.

The design is based on archetypical images: town, house, chimney… When closed, the kiosk is a volume covered by a pitched roof, a house in its uttermost minimal expression.

The scale and the shape are so basic that at first glance it might even be a toy, a Monopoly house. Upon opening, the kiosk transforms. The chimney works as a great advertising board and is back-lit at night. With the transformation the kiosk reveals its inside, a house full of surprises, each one different and randomly colored. Starting in December the city council of Madrid acquired kiosks that are used in all kinds of fairs and events with an average of six uses per unit per year.

The base and the structure are made from structural profiles and tubing of galvanized steel, while the interior flooring is from anti-slip sheet aluminum on MDF boarding. On the inside of the hatch, there are back lit panels for advertising the individual kiosk, which becomes visible at positions from 90 degrees to degrees.

poli formativi per lifts

One can access the kiosk through a door in the front facade next to the commerce hatch. The pitched roof also uses the same construction. The kiosk m. A control box for maneuvering the opening hatch of the kiosk, is incorporated in the inside wall along with an electrical control box for protection of the electric systems installed.

The kiosk is a type of equipment aimed at facilitating the sale of a wide range of goods, with block like construction, square in plan, that does not need assembly nor disassembly- just delivery on site with everything functioning.

In short, the kiosk has a design which, limited only by its dimensions could be installed in practically any part of a city. Throughout its development it was important that it would be an autonomous structure with everything that it needs to function independently, and to install a unit into a square does not need precise civil engineering, just a lorry, and fork-lift truck.

The kiosk moves and is transportable as a single block. In a single movement a crane can offload the kiosk from the truck and place it in its final position.

Just the same, if for some reason a unit needs to be moved or changed position, it can be done quickly and easily with just a fork lift truck, or even a hand operated hydraulic jack. You'll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.

About Contact Submit Advertise. Change country. Log out. January 02, Share Share Facebook. Commercial Architecture.Type L has a wall-mounted load-bearing structure constructed from special structural steel beams in which combined bearings slide. The platform is driven by a hydraulic cylinder with double-chain transmission. Gidrolast L can be installed wherever you need to store containers, pallets, crates, boxes and other heavy goods on various levels, such as mezzanines or wine cellars.

As well as in private storerooms or industrial and commercial warehouses, the goods lift can also come in very handy for domestic use. The main feature of the type L goods lift is its ease of installation. The modular structure and the simple sliding-guide system mean that installation takes just a few days.

The simplicity of the lift does not mean that any compromise has been made regarding safety devices! The goods lift can be supplied in customised sizes with a simple platform or equipped with large cabins and doors.

Platform guides normally face upwards, but on request they can be fitted downwards so as to prevent the load from protruding above the surface. Do not hesitate to contact our international sales team, located in Milan, ITALY, who are at your disposal for all commercial and technical requests or any other inquiry.

For your information, Gidrolast is seeking foreign distributors to publicise our Company and sell our products. If you want advanced technical information, send us the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kiosk m.poli / Brut Deluxe

Gidrolast Team invites you to visit our stand during the most important event in the industry world — the exhibition…. Gidrolast team invites you to visit our booth during the most important event in the world of industry — the….

Hydraulic goods lift. Hydraulic goods lift Reliable alternative to classic "rope" lifts.

Related to Power Lift with Agitation

Technical specifications Capacity: to 5. Product details A. Remote hydro-electric station. Remote control panel. Lenticular corrugated coating. The platform is a welded assembly with an anti-slip surface made of corrugated sheet steel.

Limit switches for limiting the lifting height and shutting. Reinforced lifting platform.

poli formativi per lifts

Chokes for adjusting the lifting and lowering speed of the lifting table. Safety valves preventing the table from falling in case of pressure loss in the hydraulic system. Why choose our company?

Quote solutions. To call our manager, just scan the barcode. Quote solutions Do not hesitate to contact our international sales team, located in Milan, ITALY, who are at your disposal for all commercial and technical requests or any other inquiry.Anche nel terzo millennio.

A parte questo, l'opera dell'autore assume un pregevole valore per lo sforzo che si prefigge di attualizzare un'arte di combattimento tutta italiana che, nei secoli scorsi, diede lustro e fama agli uomini d'arme nostrani, per nulla secondi a quelli d'oltralpe. Marco Bertolini. I principali eserciti della NATO, primo fra tutti quello degli Stati Uniti d'America, stanno procedendo decisamente verso la digitalizzazione del combattente. A tal proposito, voglio esprimere un plauso per l'idea avuta da Poli e Merendoni di realizzare il manuale in forma bilingue italiano inglese, strumento ormai indispensabile per la diffusione del pensiero creativo.

Per concludere, esprimo ancora una volta i miei complimenti per il lavoro compiuto e formulo i migliori voti augurali per il successo dell'opera. Il volume che concretizza un'idea sviluppata con una certosina ricerca, con costante entusiasmo e determinazione, merita la gratificazione che auspico agli autori: una buona e rilassante lettura per aggiungere un'ulteriore goccia all'oceano della conoscenza.

L'Italia ha quindi il dovere di perseguire, in tal. Merendoni, conosciuto a livello internazionale. Il quale, capendone l'importanza, ha sviluppato un programma d'istruzione al combattimento individuale finalizzato a formare il militare, o meglio, una classe d'istruttori qualifi cati capaci di trasmettere tale preparazione.

Hofmann Locked and Lighted Scissor Alignment Lifts

Da tutto questo nasce uno specifico manuale per una istruzione al combattimento individuale, del quale ne sono promotore insieme al prof. The current international situation imposes Iraly to dispose of strengths armed, highly qualified and trained, ready to every possible event in any part of the world. Tberefore Italy has the duty to pursue, in such context, the logie of the professionalizzazione of his Armed Strengchs.

The current jobs of national contingent as int ervention strengths in the world haspointed out the militaries high technical preparati. Such a preparation had been absolutely necessary in particular in those parts of the world, as Asia, Africa and South America where we intervened and where the probabilities of forther interventions are on constant increasebecause the traditions, the religion and the working activities of those populations, stili allow the use of white weapons.

I, major Fulvio Poli, Italian army's officia! Merendoni, internationally known. H c has developed an education program to the individual fighting aiming to form the militari. Merendoni which is also the drafter. L'istruzione al combattimento individuale del militare, fu sempre considerata con importanza negli eserciti italiani ed in particolare nei secoli nei quali l'uso d elle armi b.

Iniziando questa disamina col medioevo in Italia, si rileva che l'istruzione al combattimento individuale era inserita nelle esercitazioni generali degli appartenenti all'esercito comunale, co n obbligo di addestrarsi in alcune giornate prestabilite e. Picrure of an individua! Firenze, second half of che XIII century. Venezia, tra il ed il 1. From the book by Marino Sanudo, called Torsello, Libcr secretorum fidelium Crucis super tcrrae sanctae rccuperatione et conservatione.

Capitulum primum continet quam necessaria sint ad eius conservacionem studium miliraris discipline et continuum armorum exercituum. Unknown writer betwcen and 1. Army's individual and unic combat training, Venezia.

Il militare professionista, fenomeno tipicamente italiano, si sviluppa tuttavia, in particolare, nel Quattrocento con l'homo d'anne, colui che combatte in armatura e principalmente a cavallo, la forza principale di ogni esercito di allora.

Erano pure professionisti il cavalleggiero e il fante che insieme a. L'opera, molto esaustiva, inizia con l'insegnamento della lotta, esamina poi tutti i metodi di combattimento di allora, sia appiedato che a cavallo e prosegue con la descrizione e l'uso degli armamenti difensivi, la fattura delle armi offensive, i giochi marziali, ecc.

Chi voleva invece essere istruito anche nel combattimento a cavallo, doveva prendere lezioni dal cavallerizzo. La trattatistica principale, sia manoscritta che a stampa, edita da maestri e da validi esperti, era numerosa: per la scuola bolognese con l'Anonimo circail Manciolino e il Marozzi 1.

Questi furono compilati in copie manoscritte per volere ciel duca dal conte Giulio da Thiene, nel circa. Prima parte. Degli essercitij militarzfuori delle schiere.Wandering Eye (6) 1. High Distinction (3) 4. Pakapunch (7) Small field with only 4 realistic chances. WANDERING EYE has gone well in all 3 starts and should have appreciated the freshen up for this. PAKAPUNCH looks to be the only other chance. Hunter Villain (2) 8.

Miss Oahu (10) Scratched 9. Petite Midas (3) 6. Windsor (9) HUNTER VILLAIN did enough on debut to warrant strong consideration here. MISS OAHU and PETITE MIDAS are showing improvement and newcomer WINDSOR is the big watch after some solid trial form.

Hand It To Jonesy (2) 7. Helvetica (1) Scratched 3. Rock Rulz (6) Scratched 8. Thats Amore (5) HAND IT TO JONESY has slooked solid in 2 starts so far and is just crying out for this trip. Looks well suited and a clear top pick. HELVETICA continues to race well and deserves respect, while ROICK RULZ and THATS AMORE appear to be the best of the rest.

En Suite (11) Scratched 5. Royal Ruby (9) 8.

poli formativi per lifts

Chic (3) TAUTU looked the part at Awapuni and appears to have scope for further improvement. EN SUITE and ROYAL RUBY deserve to be respected and CHIC is inconsistent but a serious chance if she brings her best.

Star Of Greenbeel (3) 2. Kamanda Lincoln (2) 5. High Quality (6) Small but open affair with 5 of the 6 appearing to have winning chances. STAR OF GREENBEEL looks well placed over the distance and will run it out better than most if not all of them.

Poli formativi per lifts

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