License administrators and users of RLM-licensed applications depend primarily on their software publishers for support, but the links to the software licensing technical resources below may answer your RLM questions and help you with troubleshooting. FAQs for license administrators Common installation and configuration questions. Admin Corner section of our blog Common installation and configuration questions.

Known issues for license administrators Known issues and how to resolve unusual behavior. For their most recent landscaping add-on, they wanted a licensing system designed to be flexible, efficient, and easy for them and their end-users. It had to be hassle-free, and of course, safe. Exceptional Tech Support License administrators and users of RLM-licensed applications depend primarily on their software publishers for support, but the links to the software licensing technical resources below may answer your RLM questions and help you with troubleshooting.

Current shipping RLM version: v Tweets by RepriseSoftware. Support home Resources for software publishers and license administrators. Reprise on Twitter Follow Reprise on Twitter for news of bug fixes, product releases, and more. Reprise Blog Stay current on all topics related to license management. Try RLM Now. Want to get your hands on a copy of RLM?

We provide an exceptional customer experience. Latest Blog Post 4 Mar. What Customers Say.RLM is a robust license server with many advanced license management features. You run RLM as a server in your environment.

Your Eggplant Functional license is installed on the license server rather than on the machine running Eggplant Functional. Therefore, it's essential that any machine that runs Eggplant Functional is able to access the RLM server machine over the network. Eggplant Functional contacts the license server each time it launches and requests a valid license to run. Ensure that the server is able to run continuously, or at least that it is available whenever users need to access licenses for Eggplant Functional.

Each team license has a designated number of users. Each time you launch Eggplant Functionalthe application asks RLM for a license in order to complete its launch.

If there is an unused license available, the server checks out the license for that instance and allows that computer to run Eggplant Functional. For example, if your team purchases an Eggplant Functional team license set up with three users, you could use Eggplant Functional on as many as three computers at the same time.

If all three licenses are in use when you launch a fourth instance of Eggplant Functionalyou will see a message that no licenses are available and you won't be able to run the application until a license becomes available. Note that with this system, the three machines using the Eggplant Functional licenses could potentially be different machines each time. You can complete most license administration for your environment through a web interface. Reprise Software maintains a comprehensive RLM License Administration Manual where you can find information about using license server failover, transferring licenses between servers, and other features.

The sections below describe basic set up and licensing procedures for using RLM with Eggplant Functional. For further guidance, consult Reprise Software. You should also ensure that the server is able to run continuously. Typically, you do not need to do anything with the testplant. If you close the command window, it shuts down the running processes, which means stopping the server.

If you close the window, it shuts down the running processes, which stops the server. There are additional optional parameters and arguments you can include.

Troubleshooting Floating Network Client Licenses

After you run the command, you can start or stop the service through the Windows Services manager. By default, it is set to automatically restart when the system restarts. If you don't follow this procedure, you need to manually restart the server if you restart the machine.

The text of the file is copied below:.RLM provides all the features you need and expect from an enterprise-class license manager, yet it is familiar and easy to administer, either on premises or in the cloud. Hundreds of software publishers and tens of thousands of end-user organizations depend on RLM to manage billions of dollars of software licenses every day. RLM allows you to capture new customers and increase your revenues with existing customers.

Troubleshooting Floating Network Client Licenses

Deploy license management quickly with an extremely simple API that includes all of the software licensing functionality required by software publishers and end users today. RLM supports all the license models you expect - nodelocked, floating, trials, and many more - all with no code changes. Instrument the license management then return to your real job. We're fanatics about this, and you should be too. When the policy is placed in the license instead of in your application code, you can sell your product in new ways after it is released.

Integrating the license manager is easier. And for many cases, the policy is enforced by the server, which means that when features are added, you get the benefit of these features with a new license server, instead of re-releasing your application. Hard to figure out during your evaluation, but you'll see this after your product is in the field for a year or two when you are not painted into the corner with RLM. We learned this the hard way, after several years and hundreds of customers of our old license manager.

Policy in the License makes the license management process simpler for everyone involved. Most license managers — RLM included — allow you to borrow or roam a license to a soon-to-be-disconnected system. RLM takes this to the next level by allowing you to move any number of licenses to a license server which can then be disconnected and hand out those licenses to clients on its new network.

Enjoy functionality you might expect only at an extra cost, including public key encryption, a capacity planning management tool that allows your customers to forecast their need for additional license servers, and unencrypted logs which let your customers understand license usage, allocate usage to projects, and justify the acquisition of additional licenses.

reprise license server administration panel

It's all standard with RLM. RLM allows you to deploy on-premises or in the cloud licenses with the same release of your product. With RLM, it's easy to ship cloud-enabled licenses for your product. Integrate the RLM API into your application, configure the license server to run on your website, and provision licenses for your customers on the license server.

You can configure the license servers on your site to minimize deployment obstacles for your customers and then deliver your product in the cloud with no license installation required by your customer.

Support trials and demonstration versions of your product, whether your customers are connected to the Internet or not, all without contacting you. Later, convert those trials into permanent licenses. Fine-tune the licensing model you provide your customer, or switch to an entirely new model, simply by replacing licenses, even after your software is released. Deploy on-premesis on in the cloud without changing your source code or your product in the field.If you have multiple products that use the RLM License Manager, please click here for additional instructions.

This utility can be used to create, delete and start a Windows Service and set certain User-defined parameters. It can be something like rlm or gsrlm. User: Optional. Password: Optional. It allows you to view all available Services on your machine. Starting the Windows Service Stop all rlm processes that are running.

This can be done in the Windows Task Manager by selecting Show processes from all users. If you expand the Name heading on the Services Windowyou can see the Short name of the Windows Service at the end of the Friendly name. Press the Delete Service Button.

Repeat for any other rlm Windows Services remaining. When all previous rlm Windows Services have been deleted, complete the fields listed on the Manage Services Tab for the new permanent Windows Service. Press the Install Service Button. Select the rlm Service that you wish to start using the Right-click button on your mouse and select Start on the menu options Go to the General Tab.

Command Line Instructions Open a command-prompt as administrator cmd. Have a Specific Question? Get a real answer from a real person. Need Support? Get help from our friendly experts.

HDR Light Studio - Documentation

Contact Support. Start a FREE trial. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Thank you for signing up!Some companies have a dedicated license server computer than runs a variety of floating licenses in the studio.

But it can be any computer in your office. It can also be a very low specification computer. Importantly whichever computer you choose, it needs to be turned on and available on the network at all times when HDR Light Studio is needed by users. Top Tip: If you want to use HDR Light Studio inside and outside the office network, you can install the floating license on a laptop and take the laptop home to ensure your license is with you at all times.

Please note: If you are already using RLM for another product and wish to use it to license our products, the version of RLM must be 9. Please do download the lightmap.

You can download the RLM server software by logging into your account at the Lightmap web site and going to: www. Extract the files from the archive.

reprise license server administration panel

You can put this folder anywhere on your server computer. There is no installer for RLM. You should now see this web page, being served up from the running RLM server software.

Great - RLM is working! This will display a page containing information about your computer system:. Here is a close up of the web page. Here you will find 3 important pieces of information outlined in red below.

Installing RLM on MacOSX

Host Name The top of this page shows the host name of the server the name given to the computer. In this example it is: dell Copy your host name into a text editor document, we will need to use it shortly.

Lightmap need only the first Mac Address here in order to generate a floating license file for this machine. In this example the Mac Address is: 9cebe85c95c9 Copy your 12 digit mac address into a text editor document, we will need to use it shortly. In this example it is: In the menu choose Activate Floating License. It is very important that you enter all the information into this web page correctly to make your floating licenses correctly!

Paste the Activation Code 24 digits sent to you after your purchase in the first box. Leave the Server Port as the default: Press the Generate License button and the licenses will be created. To retrieve your license files, use the account drop down in your account at www. On this page you can see a Download link on the right side of your Activation code, this will download your license files in a single zip file. Please note: These license files will also be emailed to you.

The last step in the process is to tell the already running RLM Server to restart and read the license files. Open a web page and go to: Next press the Status button on the left menu on the page.

You can now see the license files listed towards the top of the web page. The licenses are now installed and running.For more information on this issue, click here. Troubleshooting Floating Network Client Licenses. License Manager Error and Unable to Check out License on Multi-User License Gathering Information to Diagnose your Issue Client Computer: License Manager Error and If you receive the following error message on the Client computer, it means that the Client computer is not able to communicate with the License Server: License manager error: Communications error with license server Connection refused at server This can be due to: Firewall blockage This error message may be due to a firewall that is blocking connection to the License Server.

This also can happen when a Windows firewall has been inadvertently been turned on.

Set up the RLM as a Windows Service

Wrong or not resolvable hostname in Client license file The hostname in your Client license file must match the hostname of the License Server on which you run the Reprise license manager.

Additionally, the Client computer must be able to 'resolve' the hostname specified in the Client license to locate the License Server machine on which the Reprise License Manager RLM server is running.

Client cannot connect to correct ports on License Server If the port that the RLM is listening on is blocked by a firewall, then the Client computer will not be able to check out a license.

You can check to see if the Client machine has access to a port on the license server with the telnet command in a terminal window. Have a Specific Question? Get a real answer from a real person. Need Support? Get help from our friendly experts. Contact Support. Start a FREE trial. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy.

Thank you for signing up!Reprise is the software licensing company that supports you like no other. We measure support by of bugs, bug fix response time, and customer support response times. The average rate of new reported bugs in all three products combined is 0. You can see the bugs in all of our products here.

Reprise supports you with our engineers, the same engineers who develop the products. And by "support", we mean helping you integrate our software into yours, assisting you with problems with your software, as well as fielding reports of bugs in our products.

Average time, from support incident report to first contact with one of our engineers who can solve your problem, is 53 minutes worldwide, averaged over The Reprise License Manager RLM is a flexible and easy-to-use license manager with the power to serve enterprise users.

License on-premises or in the cloud and use numerous licensing models. We offer a pricing model that makes it affordable to publishers of all sizes. RLM gives you license protection to ensure that your software is used within the terms and conditions you specify.

reprise license server administration panel

Learn more about RLM. RLMCloud is a hosted solution for managing licenses in the Cloud. With RLMCloud, your customer never has to install a license server at their site. Your RLM-licensed application is already enabled to use RLMCloud with no code changesso you can deploy servers in the Cloud or on-premiseswhichever your customer prefers. Learn more about RLMCloud. Activation Pro gives you, the software publisher, the ability to deliver electronic licenses to your customers 24x7without customer support involvement.

You supply an activation key to your customer,who then uses this activation key to retrieve a license specific to their computer or network. Together with RLM, Activation Pro provides a complete software license management and entitlement system. Learn more about Activation Pro. For their most recent landscaping add-on, they wanted a licensing system designed to be flexible, efficient, and easy for them and their end-users. It had to be hassle-free, and of course, safe.

Affordable, easy to use. RLM is enterprise-class software licensing Reprise offers industry-leading support.

Reprise license server administration panel

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