YouTube has been the biggest online video streaming platform for a while now and there is no doubt about that. I use it all the time and you use it too. However, with the introduction of more ad rolls, premium options, the free users are dumped with many annoying features. So, if you ever watched a YouTube video and a 30 seconds unskippable ad just rolls right in the middle.

Well, you iso 27002 pdf 2018 get rid of those ads and get the majority of the premium Youtube feature for free with YouTube Vanced App or vanced youtube.

YouTube Vanced is basically a mod version of the original YouTube app. Since the Xposed Module had some kind of problems working with the Android Nougat v7.

youtube vanced magisk zip download

YouTube Vanced download App comes with some very interesting and features that are available only in the YouTube paid version such as Ad-free, dark themes, Background video playback while screen locked.

So, now you know that via the YouTube Vanced APK, it allows you to watch the Videos as usual from the original app but with no more annoying in-video advertisements. Other advanced features include such as PiP Picture in Picture mode which allows you to play the video while using another app only works with Oreo Roms as of now. Also, note that the features of the Vanced app are similar in all the versions but with small differences with the non-rooted devices. Here is a brief background about how polo by ralph lauren athletic-inspired slaton sport (olive camo app come into being.

But it has been taken and renamed with its new name YouTube Vanced is a part of a new project by the developers namely ZaneZam, Laura Almeida.

Anyhow, the developers did a pretty good job and there is no difference between the two separated tools as there is no doubt that all features have been perfectly injected. Note: This is not the premium version of YouTube, it is a modded version of the original YouTube app.

I am not gonna go all-out customization tutorial of the app here. You can pretty much easily figure out when you installed on your device as it is pretty self-explanatory.

But just to get a few basic ideas of how it works, I am gonna show you the steps to enable dark mode on the app and Background Play along with few others. If this is your first time using the Vanced app, you will not see much difference from the original app at first glance as they are pretty similar until you dig deeper into the account and settings.

Well, there are two types of installation process depending on your device based on whether it is rooted or non-rooted. Note: The latest Version Click here to download and install it from the Google Play Store.

If you are using an Android device, download the non-rooted version as they are usually not rooted. But if you wanna log in similar to YouTube, download the MicroG APK which basically allows users to use the modded version of Youtube application along with your original youtube account.

There are basically 3 ways to install the app using magisk. It will work only in the rooted version as of now because the package name is changed. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. How to Install the latest Updates? Download from our website the latest APK file and install on your device. Yes, it is the same process for non-rooted eevices. Does PIP mode still works? Yes, but it only with Android Oreo as of now.

Is Watch History Working? After you play videos in the background, it only downloads just the audio version.As YouTube is a user-generated content platform, there will be ads from where creators get their commission.

There are different themes to choose from. Moreover, it allows you to change the window style of videos. When playing a video on the full screen, you can easily change the brightness and the volume just by swiping.

This gives you more control. Download YouTube Vanced Apk. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Did you ever feel like you need some advanced features in the app? Well, that is not uncommon. People used to look for something convenient. To solve this problem, the app, YouTube Vanced was released.

This is a kind of modified YouTube app with lots of additional features. Once you start the app, you will like it for sure.

But sometimes you might not like to watch ads when playing a video. Because of that, the app comes with a built-in ad blocking system.

YouTube Vanced will do it for you. You can play all the videos forcefully in the HDR mode. The Vanced app offers to play videos without any hassle in the background.

youtube vanced magisk zip download

Now you can turn on your favorite music and do other things. No issues! You can change the theme with the app. Swipe Volume and Brightness Control When playing a video on the full screen, you can easily change the brightness and the volume just by swiping.

The app is a perfect choice for people who love convenience. Our mission is to providing a safer, better and faster download experience for you. We offer one of the most comprehensive collection of popular apps and games.

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[Magisk]Youtube Vanced [Official]

Designed by Androideapk.Youtube vanced is modified and AD free version of official youtube app. This app is available for Magisk moduleNo root and root devices. YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform where thousands of videos get uploaded every minute. These ads are annoying we all know but because YouTube is free to use, we have to face those ads. Some developers thought something to create a mod of YouTube where you will get all those features which YouTube premium is providing you for absolutely free.

After so many efforts, they finally created cracked version of YouTube or you can say it a YouTube mod named as Vanced. Here we go!! Everyone know that nowadays YouTube is showing too many ads for every video, some of them are even non-skippable for 15 seconds and sometimes there are two ads, one immediate after previous which certainly crack our mind. After this crap, YouTube is like, hey we have solution for this; pay monthly subscription fees and get background play feature, dark theme and ad-free streaming.

Team of four developers stared work on YouTube Vanced which is generally mod of official YouTube app. YouTube Vanced provides each and every single feature that YouTube premium provides you without any fees.

Just kidding but as of now, YouTube Vanced is absolutely free for all where you get bunch of features that are not even in YouTube app itself like pink and blue theme etc. Have a look! The digital marketing is rising in incredible way. The YouTube is giant platform for companies to spread their business in little time.

youtube vanced magisk zip download

But why to pay for ad-free environment when we have the YouTube Vanced. This is the major feature of Vanced that everyone like. Start using YouTube Vanced, you never will face any ad so that you can continue your video till end without any interrupt.

YouTube premium is famous for one more feature, that is background play. Even you minimize your YouTube app, the video keeps playing in background. I personally like this feature because sometimes I play the music video to listen just music. The background play is the very latest feature from YouTube and also included in premium version.And does it have the message of "this os an unofficial version XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. KevinX8 OP Nov ZaneZam Dec KevinX8 OP Mar KevinX8 OP Jan KevinX8 OP Dec OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro announced — Everything you need to know! April 14, Image Warp helps you transform pictures with manually adjustable grids April 14, Thanks Meter : 1, Login to Follow Project. What's in: Completely redid video ad blocking.

Submit to XDA Portal. Kaz 1st DecemberMr. OP Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Mar All downloads can now be found in the magisk manager app. Anyone looking for the detach script can find it on the front page of the site linked above. And this one. Thanks Meter : 3, Join Date: Joined: Jun Thanks Meter : Thank you. Join Date: Joined: Dec Join Date: Joined: Aug Thank you so much for continuing this module for magisk. I immediately downloaded it and installed it thru magisk but the YouTube app seems untouched.

I'm on the latest for me available YouTube build Before installing the zip thru magisk I deactivated the YouTube app, that right? With the previous zip from the discontinued magisk module everything went fine, but now it seems there was no effect at all.

Does someone have an idea? OOS 4.If you are active in the Android community, you should know that this app is among the top most popular app in the developer community. You can enable in-build ad-blockerbackground playback without YouTube Premium, dark theme and much more using YouTube Vanced. This post is a hub having everything that you need to get YouTube Vanced running on your device. Based on the root status and device architect, we have a separate table for download links of the latest version of YouTube Vanced.

Read ahead, and grab the one that you need. Why should you opt YouTube Vanced? Along with the special features, YouTube Vanced has a significant improvement over the official YouTube app. Check out the critical features given below and decide whether you want to use the modded one or stick to the official version. Background Playback is a feature of YouTube Premium, with which you can play video outside YouTube in background mode.

Thankfully, YouTube Vanced offer this feature for free. YouTube Vanced has built-in controls for adblocking while playing a video on YouTube. You can find the option in settings to control the ads. The HDR mode is available in some high-ended Android smartphones. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range; it can improve the quality of a video with a more impressive result. YouTube may disable some high video resolution on your device.

Thanks to Override Max Resolution features of YouTube Vanced; you can remove this limitation and watch videos in maximum resolution or whatever available. But YouTube Vanced made the feature available for all devices. If you are a theme lover like me, you would definitely love this feature. This feature lets you toggle Google Cast icon. You can forcefully turn it off even if you have casting devices nearby. If your device is running on Android 8. Vanced has picture-in-picture mode just like the official version.

YouTube Vanced have an option to choose the new style and old style.Features are same in all versions. There is only a slight difference in the Non-Root version since the package name had to change, Google Play Services will not play alone until you have to be compelled to install MicroG for Vanced, in order to be able to log in.

Select the downloaded vanced. Click install. Disable apk verification find an xposed module or similiar app to do this. You will have to install additional MicroG package in order to be able login. For the rooted devices, download further files and flash via custom recovery like TWRP to install the app. This versions designed to work with Magisk. Since the Xposed Module had some problems working with the Android Nougat, this app was designed with all features of that module.

It's totally ad-free version like Youtube ad blocker injected into the original app. Also, there are many advanced features that official app doesn't offer like PiP Picture in Picture mode which allows playing video while using another app only works with Oreo Roms and play videos in the background while screen locked. TWRP is a custom recovery which does not come with the installer. It will be added in future. However, offline video feature is available.

There is no doubt installing on Non-Rooted devices, just download the suitable APK file for your device from the Non-Root Downloads page and install it normally and additionally install MicroG package found in the download links in order to be able to log into google account not necessary if you don't want to log in. For the Rooted devices and Magisk module, there will need a little bit more work.

Rooted devices must have a custom recovery like TWRP for flashing installer. You can find the step by step installation guide for each one in the download pages. Where is the normal white APK goes? White is included in both versions choose the alternate theme you prefer for the night time etc. Can I install this normally as other APKs?

Only non-root version. You cannot install it in the normal way on rooted or magisk root devices.

Download YouTube Vanced APK V14.21.54 (for any Android)

Is there video download feature? No, but there is official YouTube offline video feature available for supported countries. After the installation, YouTube app not showing in the app drawer, why? It will work only in the rooted version. Not works in the non-root version because the package name is changed. However, there is an alternate Pinch to Zoom feature available with same functions.

Is watch history working? But you have to whitelist "s. All credit goes to the original developers mentioned above. Please be mind to select suitable APK for your architecture and flash the files at your own risk. YouTube Vanced Features Features are same in all versions. Version: Looking for the older versions?

Check out here.YouTube Vanced is one of the most popular moded versions of YouTube. It comes with some interesting features such as Ad-free, Background video playback, dark themes and much more. For your information, features of Vanced are same in all versions but there's a small difference with the non-rooted devices. In here, you can view the complete installation guides, latest features and download links for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Those fellows who desire more features or else functions can install this dedicated application on their Smartphone or Tablet.

In fact, YouTube vanced is a tiny app contained a heap of new performances and features. Everyone knows it as the modified edition of common YouTube. However, throughout the newfangled utility, users capable to block advertisements, background playback plus further interesting features. It is great having an ad-free version of the YouTube on your Smartphone.

Download Youtube Vanced APK [ Root ,No Root and Magisk ] 2020

It is totally safe in the stand of the official YouTube supporter which just installed recommended features. Anyhow, it seems the concept of the team Vanced born with the inspiration of Xposed Module which directed to YouTube Playback. Thus, there is no any difference between the two separated tools as there is no doubt that all features have been perfectly injected.

Thankfully, there are two options for users with root and non-root status. But there are no more than a couple of differences between two dedicators.

youtube vanced magisk zip download

Download the latest versions of YouTube Vanced for Magisk root, rooted and non-rooted Android devices from the below downloading links. It is really great through your Smartphone or the Tablet has no root permission but still capable to deal with YouTube Vanced Apk. In addition to the utility, the user has been requested to set up MicroG kit. Otherwise, you will not permit to log in. So keep in your mind that the vanced apk is the package that available for non-root devices.

There is no doubt that user with root permission can perform whatever feature or an app without permission of the manufacturer. Thus, when you desire to settle Vanced, you have to download files that recommended and flash. This is an exceptional edition that precisely arranged to function through Magisk. Therefore, those who interested this package should download and set up YouTube Vanced Magisk module by way of Magisk repo.

A : White hasn't gone or deleted. It is included in both versions and you can choose the alternate theme you like for night time and etc. Q : How to Install the latest Updates? A : Download the latest versions from our site and install them as you normally would. Q : Do I need to re-install detach script for every new update? A : Yes, it's possible but only for the non-root version. Q : Installation was successful but the YouTube app does not appear in the app launcher.

A : You haven't used the latest version of Magisk or Installer. Note that this only valid for Android Oreo. A : Yeah sure. It's working with the rooted version but currently not support non-rooted version because the package name has changed. No worries, the feature named "Pinch to Zoom" will do the same functionality.

Q : Does History works? A : Yes.

Youtube vanced magisk zip download

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